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An Ideal Start for Your Child.

My Learn Mini provides the perfect start to prepare School Learners for their journey for Smart Fun Learning. It enables a manageable and flexible solution integrating a physical hardware presented via the iPad.Covering three key elements in learning, it engages Little Learners, encouraging exploration and helps them understand and relate with Alphabet, Words and Numbers; while at the same time having Fun.


Fun Learning Games

The My Learn Mini was developed and designed with the purpose of accelerating knowledge; to fine tune motor skills with receptive learning while taking advantage of the vibrant rich bright colors of the iPad through the ML Mini App.

The App is designed with straightforward navigation for ease of use for the child. As an added value, we invested into a partnership with MyLearn Pals for instant market recognition and the interaction with the range of characters as the child’s learning buddy prolongs the learning experience and therefore the desire to learn.