The App is designed with straightforward navigation for ease of use for the child. As an added value, we invested into a partnership with MyLearn Pals for instant market recognition and the interaction with the range of characters as the child’s learning buddy prolongs the learning experience and therefore the desire to learn.


Parents are always encouraged to play an active role in supporting and guiding Little Learners in their development. The ML Mini App comes with an in-App Report Card which aids parents to monitor progress made by the child, where he or she excels in, or which areas are in need of encouragement and guidance.

In addition, as digital adoption accelerates and educational content becomes widely available in this format, the product prepares the child to gain familiarization with the latest technology.

The App also allows personalization by inserting the child’s name, age and selecting his favorite MyLearn Pals character so that he or she gains ownership.

Learning Alphabet and Words

Learning the names and shapes of the letters of the alphabet is the first step to reading. This is one of the most important, most basic things a child needs to know to learn to read. My Learn Mini makes learning the letters of the alphabet fun and easy, even for children whose fine motor coordination is not yet well developed. Best of all, kids are having fun while learning!

Learning Numbers and Math

Learning about numbers is a child’s first step toward becoming a budding young mathematician. And in preschool, math learning is all about counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence. If a child doesn’t ace these seemingly simple skills in a timely manner, don’t worry: even math wizard need time to blossom. But with the My Learn Mini age appropriate techniques, helping your child to master these math milestones will be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Fun Learning Games

Fun Learning Games can provide a different way to learn about the same lessons. If the learning game is a lot of fun, then the child might equate learning about a subject as fun. It is good to get the child excited about learning. It may even help pave the way to a particular interest the child has.

From easy games activities to more advance, the My Learn Mini got you covered!

The ML Mini App requires the My Learn Mini hardware to work.